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DPVA Delegate Selection Plan

In response to DNC Rules and Bylaws Staff Evaluation, the DPVA has submitted a slightly revised version of its Delegate Selection Plan (attached).  The RBC found the plan to be in “conditional compliance.”  We have addressed the few and minor questions and comments on the text.  The RBC will consider the Virginia (as well as other) state plans at its meeting this Saturday, June 11, at 9:30 am at the Capitol Hilton.   The key remaining issue is that Virginia continues to require Presidential candidates to collect 10,000 signatures to obtain access to the primary ballot, but DNC only allows a maximum of 5,000 signatures.  DPVA attempted to reduce this requirement in the 2011 session, but was not able to do so.  DPVA has requested a waiver, and promised to be responsible  for the additional 5,000 (although OFA does a great job on signature collections, and I would hope that they would take care of this).  I will report on Saturday. 

  DPVA_Del_Select_Plan_-__June_2011_rev_-_final_2.pdf (431.6 KiB, 1,048 hits)