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DPVA December 2012 Meetings

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The Democratic Party of Virginia Steering and Central Committees met in Williamsburg on December 7-8.   Here is an article and some highlights of the meetings.

  • Thanks Brian – Chairman Brian Moran has done an excellent job over the past two years of building the party, spreading the message, and electing our candidates; we all wish him the best in his future endeavors.   See Resolution below.
  • Thanks Dave Mills and hard-working DPVA staff – Excellent job in campaign coordination, training, communications, technology, fundraising, and voter identification.
  • Welcome Charnielle – We are excited about our new party Chair Charnielle Herring, who is ready to move forward from 2012’s successes to 2013’s campaigns.
  • 2012 Winning – We carried Virginia for Barack Obama and Tim Kaine and ran races in all 11 CDs and it was great to hear from Sen-Elect Kaine.
  • Presidential Inauguration – The Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia will host a ball on Saturday, January 20, and DPVA will host a ball on Sunday, January 21.  See this site for more updates.
  • Voter protection – State Party Counsel Steve Cobb lead an extraordinary voter protection effort incolving 2,000 volunteers; efforts will continue in 2013, with current focus on supporting federal and state legislative and administrative efforts to make it easier for people to vote.  See Resolution below.
  • 2013 Elections – Terry McAuliffe hosted a party for Brian and gave a video address; Lt. Governor candidates Aneesh Chopra and Sen. Ralph Northam and Attorney General candidates Sen. Mark Herring and Justin Fairfax spoke to the group – we will have a primary in June to select our statewide candidates.  House of Delegates candidate recruitment is ongoing – Obama carried 16 House districts currently held by Republicans; Kaine carried 19.  19 plus our current 32 gives us a back a Democratic majority in the House.
  • 2013 Central Committe Elections – Central Ccommittee members will be elected at Congressional District Conventions in May 2013 and the new Committee will elect officers at its June meeting.  DPVA will provide guidance and numbers.
  • Future Central Committee Elections?  Do we like the Central Committee election process?  Do we want to go back to electing Central Committee members in Presidential years?  I have suggested considering this our next meeting.
  • 2013 meetings – February 15 in Richmond (JJ Dinner); June 15 in Charlottesvile; September 14 in Frederickburg; and December 7 in Hampton Roads.
  • Outreach Committee – Crucial effort to make sure we build on 2012 success.
  • Tech Group – Excellent meeting of about 50 people to discuss voter list, social media, communications efforts.  Thanks Dave Leichtman for organizing.
  • Working Groups – The Tech group was a great model for Central Committee members deciding to get together to address an issue.  We have formal committees (e.g. Resolutions and Outreach), but there is no reason why informal groups can’t assemble to solve problems and build the party.  Moran Resolution 2012, Voting Resolution 2012

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