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DPVA Adopts 2012 Delegate Selection Plan

On May 9, the DPVA Steering Committee held a conference call and approved the draft 2012 Delegate Selection Plan.    The Committee considered several public comments, and adopted the Plan as proposed.  The Plan is to be submitted to the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee on May 12, along with a letter requesting a waiver in connection with Virginia’s Presidential candidate 10,000 signature requirement.  The RBC will meet this summer to approve the  Plan.  As discussed in a prior post, the 2012 Plan is substantially similar to 2008 – A March 6, 2012 Primary will allocate delegates, and April city and county caucuses will elect delegates to May Congressional District Conventions and a June State Convention, which in turn elect national convention delegates.  The Steering Committee action will be reported at the June 3-4 Central Committee in Blacksburg.  The Affirmative Action Committee will be cranking up its outreach activities which will begin by September 2011.   Stay tuned.