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#DNC2012 Convention Update 8/21- Credentials, Delegates, Rooms, Eats, More

  • The deadline for requesting community credentials for Thursday night’s session and nomination of President Obama from OFA-VA is today – see post below for sign up information.  (Here’s what they look like)
  • The DNC has issued the official delegate list – this is the largest number of delegates at least since 1972 (and not just because some Virginians are listed twice). 
  • I know finding a room has been a challenge for some – here’s a site with hotel information.
  • Governor Kaine and Governor O’Malley will be speaking at the convention!  Hopefully, they will get good slots.
  • WaPost tells you where to eat
  • Check out the Facebook Delegates to the 2012 DNC Charlotte page.

3 thoughts on “#DNC2012 Convention Update 8/21- Credentials, Delegates, Rooms, Eats, More”

  1. Upate – the stadium acceptance speech has been moved indoors, so people with community credentials won’t be able to attend (just not enough room for 70,000 people in the arena). We tried, but the weather would not cooperate.

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