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DNC Talking Points: Selecting a Supreme Court Justice

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From the DNC:

*         As President Obama considers candidates to succeed Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, he will look to individuals who think independently, who have a proven record of excellence, who are dedicated to upholding the rule of law, and who have a clear understanding of the effects of the law in Americans’ lives.

*         In addition, because special interests and lobbyists already have outsized influence in Washington, President Obama will seek out a Supreme Court nominee who will listen closely to the voices of ordinary citizens.

 *         It is in America’s best interest to fill this Supreme Court vacancy – meaning that a nominee must be appointed and confirmed before the next Court term.

 *         To that end, President Obama will work hard in the coming weeks towards nominating a successor to Justice Stevens –because selecting Justices for the Supreme Court is one of the President’s most pressing responsibilities.

 *         Once the President has made his choice, he is counting on the Senate to judge his nominee on the basis of his or her qualifications, to proceed with their consideration swiftly and with civility, and to approach the confirmation process in a bipartisan manner.

 *         Today, the President is meeting with Members of Congress from both parties, seeking their advice-something that is a priority of the President. That meeting will be only one of many as the President seeks out a broad range of perspectives as he considers potential nominees.