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DNC Summer Meeting – Rules Update

The Democratic National Committee is holding its summer meeting in St. Louis on August 18 and 19.  Below are the agenda, an update on the 2012 Rules process, and a DNC Charter amendment.  The primary work of the meeting will be to adopt the 2012 Call to Convention and Delegate Selection Plan.  The Charter amendment implements one of the delegate selection changes – the elimination of 80 unpledged, add-on delegate positions.  (We will tell the full story of the unpledged, add-on delegates at some point).  St. Louis is also one of the cities (along with Cleveland, Charlotte, and Minneapolis) under consideration for the 2012 convention.   See DemConWatch for the latest on the site selection process.  I hope that we have a visit from my law school classmate and the next Senator from Missouri Robin Carnahan.  I plan to attend and post from the meeting. 

  SUMMER_MEETING_SCHEDULE_-_July_12.pdf (101.7 KiB, 1,090 hits)

  MEMO_-_RBC_UPDATE.pdf (132.0 KiB, 941 hits)

  Proposed_Charter_Amendment_30_day_Mailing_7_21_10.pdf (123.0 KiB, 1,055 hits)