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DNC Summer 2015 Meeting

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The Democratic National Committee met last week in Minneapolis – the meeting featured addresses by 4 of the 5 Democratic Presidential candidates, committee work, messaging, sharing information, and meeting with other Democrats from around the country.  See Agenda below.  This was the last DNC meeting until the National Convention on July 25-28, 2016.  I tweeted from @demrulz during the meeting, but here are some highlights:

  1. We had two separate general sessions on Friday, which featured interesting speeches by presidential candidates Lincoln Chaffee, Hilary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, and Bernie Sanders.  (Jim Webb chose not to attend.)  The sessions also focused on the accomplishments of the Obama administration, the weak and scary GOP presidential field, the Voting Rights Act anniversary and voter protection efforts, and the Hurricane Katrina anniversary.
  2. The DNC adopted a resolutions package – below is the proposed package, which I understand was not changed.  In addition, a large majority of DNC members (including me) signed a letter to the President supporting the Iran nuclear agreement.
  3. The DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee completed its work of granting conditional or final approval of all 57 “state” plans (50 states plus DC, Puerto Rico, Guam (where America’s day begins), American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, and Democrats Abroad).  Conditional approval means the RBC and/or staff has suggested minor changes, and the final plan requires only staff approval.
    1. Virginia has addressed staff’s concerns and awaits final approval for its plan.
    2. A number of states required waiver from the rule that requires all steps to occur in the presidential calendar year because many states have statutory presidential candidate (and sometimes delegate filing) deadlines in December, or even as early as November, 2015.  Next cycle the DNC should just move back the deadline to December 1 of the prior year – most states then wouldn’t require waivers.
  4. The DNC Credentials Committee (on which I serve) was ready to hear (on Friday at 7 am) a challenge in connection with the College Democrats of America officer elections – the CDA will submit a plan to the DNC to correct its bylaws and attempt to resolve the dispute internally – which would be fine.  If they can’t work it out, the Committee will convene to hear the challenge.
  5. There was a DNC Charter Amendment (attached) which changes the title of the Vice Chair position that Donna Brazile occupies to Vice Chair for Civic Engagement and Voter Participation.
  6. The Southern caucus had an interesting meeting – I forget that there are other off-year elections, including for control of the Mississippi legislature coming up.  The group has also done some polling which we will analyze.
  7. The various caucuses held meetings to address issues of concern.
  8. The Victory Task Force, which was reviewing the lessons of 2014, is completing its work, and will issue a final report next month.
  9. The primary focus seemed to be on building the party by registering voters, delivering our message, increasing turnout, and thereby winning elections.
  10. This was the first meeting for Susan Swecker as Chair and Becca Slutsky as ED, and was also attended by Fred Hudson, George Wallace, Doris Crouse-Mays, and Sandra Brandt – it’s great to be part of such a good team.  

      DNC Aug 2015 Meeting Agenda (189.3 KiB, 983 hits)

      DNC 8.2015 Meeting Resolutions (952.4 KiB, 1,080 hits)

      DNC 8.2015 Charter Amendment (335.3 KiB, 1,881 hits)