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DNC: Stop PA Election Rigging

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The DNC recently circulated this statement and video on Pennsylvania’s ongoing effort to rig the electoral college; the video features our own Governor.  “While RNC Chair, Reince Priebus was debuting his plan to invest $10 million in outreach to communities of color this week Republicans were pushing a piece of legislation through the State House to change the way PA allocates its Electoral College Votes.  It’s ironic the same week that they are hitting the political talk show circuit to highlight their so-called ‘commitment to outreach’ Republicans in Pennsylvania are trying to suppress voters in the next Presidential Election . Their plan would change the allocation of Electoral College Votes from the traditional winner-take-all approach to splitting votes between the winner and loser. It’s not a good plan for anyone or either Party. The DNC is working with the PA State Party and other allies to defeat this measure.”  For more information about how you can get involved to stop this Election Rigging Scheme, click here.