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DNC Rules & Bylaws July 10, 2010 – #2 Delegates

Discussion of Call (continued):

Article 2 – Delegate qualifications.  Note that delegates are pledge to support Democratic nominees.  State parties to adopt affirmative action – change adds inclusion plans.  Adopted.

Article 3 – Delegate selection deadline – states must finalize their delegations by June 23, 2010.  Adopted.

Article 4 – Delegate certification requirements – delegates must be certified within 10 days of selection.   New provision states that 10 days from the final process (i.e., no later than June 23) the state chair will certify preference of all state delegates.  Suggested allowing for delegation co-chairs – but having one certified co-chair helps with the paperwork – you can have unofficial co-chairs.  RBC to adopt regulations that may provide additional details.  [The committee did not discuss age limits for pages.]  Adopted.

Articles 5, 6, 7 (National Convention Committee, Presidential Candidates, Standing Committees) relate to convention itself – hold for discussion by phone conference or at St. Louis meeting (Aug. 18, 2010).   RBC wants to finalize plans for Article 1 (delegate allocation)  before addressing issue.  RBC also needs to address Article 8 (procedural rules).

National Convention city choices – Cleveland, Minneapolis, Charlotte, or St. Louis – DNC process slower than RNC (which has chosen Tampa).  We don’t have a firm deadline as to decision date – probably end of 2010 (after election) or early 2011.   DNC has a technical advisory committee to assist cities.  We sent out about 50 letters to potential cities.   The site selection process in 2012, like 2008, will be implemented by DNC staff and the Chair, not a site selection committee.


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