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DNC Rules and Bylaws Meeting – 8/19/2010 – Part 1 – Convention Call

The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee  met today to finalize the 2012 Democratic National Convention Call and Delegate Selection Rules.   They will be voted on at tomorrow’s DNC General Meeting.  I will post the final documents this weekend.

Call draft completion (see prior post) – Article 1 – Bonus delegate issues –

  • Stages – 1: 1st tuesday in March to March 31, 2:  April 1 to April 30; 3:  May 1 to June 12
  • States who move to stage 2 get 10%, stage 3 20%; states that stay back – 5% for stage 2 0r 10% b0nus for stage 3
  • Regional cluster bonus – 15% – only if contests cheduled after the first Tuesday in March
  • Proposed change – 10 or 20% bonus whether move or stay ; cluster only if 3rd tuesday in March
  • Increases in delegate numbers — Approach  1 would result in an increase of 100 to 700 delegates; Approach 2 would result in an increase of  200 – 800.  This is on on top of the draft Call’s 3,700 delegates, which has been increased from 3,000 delegates.
  • 15% is added on top of staging bonus under draft  – revised to apply the percentages to the current base vote (additive, not compounded)
  • Potential max vote increases of 45% – may actually encourage states to move back and cluster.  GOP requires states to move later if they want to retain the winner take all – otherwise delegate allocation is proportional.
  • “Adjoining state” – to be defined in regulations (to deal with, e.g., HI and ME).
  • Issue – changes will distort process to benefit states with Democratic governors/legislatures who can implement DNC rules.  But – the process is distorted because early states get disproportionate attention; incentives for moving back increases relative the states receive.
  • Proposed change adopted (10% or 20% if move or stay; 15% cluster bonus only if after 3rd Tuesday in March).
  • Also proposed change (I, E) so territories (American Samoa, Guam, and Virgin Islands), Democrats Abroad – no longer get 1/2 votes – change to all full voting delegates (and double the number of delegates).  Concern raised that these are small entities and don’t actually vote for President.  Noted that these people are citizens.  Change approved.

Article 7 — Discussion re raising minority report threshold from 20% to 25% or 30%.  Last minority report was 1992.  But note that in 1980, there were 50 minority reports, but many were withdraw by agreement of Carter and Kennedy campaigns.  Support for increase  in threshold to avoid peripheral, frivolous issues that, by definition, our nominee doesn’t want.  Proposal to increase to 25%  approved.

Final call – approved.