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DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meets

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The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held its “shortest meeting on record” today.  In its meeting in San Juan last fall, the RBC finalized the rules and regulations, which were sent to State parties by Dec. 15.  Patrice Taylor reviewed the upcoming deadlines (see below).  The DNC will present a delegate selection plan webinar (to be scheduled).  Co-Chair James Roosevelt noted that a number of states must move back their primary/caucus dates to comply with the DNC/RNC March 6 deadline. The DNC and RNC leadership recently met, and the new RNC Chair affirmed his commitment to the calendar. Some states, particularly Florida, may raise compliance issues, as noted in a recent article.  The RBC takes the approach that if states document “provable positive steps” to bring state law into compliance, but fails, its delegation will be seated. This will continue to be a controversial issue. Note that Virginia Democrats were able to reach an agreement with the state GOP so that our primary date – March 6, 2012 – complies with both national party rules.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • March 1 – State Parties must appoint Affirmative Action (AA) Committees – many states have already done so.
  • March 15 – new requirement – state to provide names and info for AA Committees
  • May 2 – all states must submit their plans, approved by state governing bodies.
  • June-Sept. 16 – RBC will meet to review all plans for compliance; meeting to be scheduled shortly.
  •  September 16 – states must begin to implement AA plans