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DNC Resolutions Committee

The DNC Resolutions Committee met and endorsed 17 resolutions.  Nine were commemorative and included resolutions honoring Virginia’s own Ray Colley, former DNC Chair Chuck Manatt, and Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro.  The substantive resolutions honored the 10 year anniversary of September 11; recognized President Obama’s accomplishments (including health care, financial reform, and economic recovery efforts); opposed the GOP-backed new wave of restrictive voting laws; honored the dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial; criticised Republicans for not (yet) supporting the President’s efforts to help middle class Americans; supported voting rights/statehood for D.C.; urged protection of social security; and supported return of a portion of gasoline excise taxes collected in the Virgin Islands to the people thereof.  The Executive Committee will consider a resolution supporting the American Jobs Act.  Constituency caucus meetings this afternoon and then Rules & Bylaws!  By the way, there is a very positive buzz here – folks are excited about the President’s speech and helping him deal with the current economic challenges.   #DNCFall11