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DNC Re-Elect

I am seeking re-election as one of Virginia’s two male At-Large members of the DNC at our June 2, 2012 State Convention in Fairfax.  I will be posting information on the campaign at the new DNC Re-Elect Page on this site. 

In 2008, I was part of an Obama/Clinton DNC Unity Team which worked quickly to help bring the Virginia Democratic Party together so that we could carry the Commonwealth for President Obama that fall.  This year, we have not yet finalized a team, although I support the re-election of Mame Reiley and Doris Crouse-Mays as Virginia’s two female DNC members.

Over my first term as a DNC member, I have represented Virginia Democrats by:

  • Establishing a website ( to inform Virginia Democrats about DNC and state party activities and issues;
  • Drafting and obtaining approval of the DPVA’s National Convention Delegate Selection Plan and leading education efforts, including presentations and a YouTube video;
  • Attending not only the twice annual DNC meetings, but also the quarterly Executive and Rules Committee meetings and serving on the DNC’s Credentials Committee;
  • Working to ensure DNC support for state parties and modernize the DNC’s processes;
  • Continuing to work to elect Democrats from the local to the Presidential level; and
  • Continuing to serve as an election protection attorney around the Commonwealth.

I have served as a grassroots volunteer for Virginia Democratic campaigns since 1974, working to strengthen local committees, provide training, expand outreach, register voters, identify voters, get out the vote, advocate for issues, and raise money.  I have also served on DPVA State Central and Steering Committees (including as Vice Chair of Rules) and several Congressional District and local Democratic Committees, and Virginia Young Democrats President.  When not working to elect Democrats, I practice law with the firm of Hollingsworth LLP in Washington D.C. For more information about me, see the DemRulz/About page.

I would be honored to have your support and hear your ideas about how to elect Democrats and build our party.  To support me, click here.

As noted above, the DNC election will occur at the June 2, 2012 state convention.  Delegates and alternates to that Convention will be elected at city and county caucuses held on April 21 and 23, 2012.  This site’s Delegate Selection Page provides more information on how to become a delegate.  Delegates will also elect Democratic National Convention Delegates and Presidential Electors at the Congressional District and State Conventions.   Please let me know if you have questions.