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#DNC #RBC Drafts 2016 Rules

The Democratic National Committee Rules& Bylaws Committee met in D.C. today to (nearly) finish work on the draft 2016 Delegate Selection Rules and draft the Call to Convention.  The RBC will meet next on August 22 in Atlanta and present the final documents for adoption by the DNC on August 22nd.  RBC staff will then prepare the draft plan and send it out with implementing regulations to state parties.  There do not appear to be major changes in the rules or the call.  Regrettably, the RBC is considering lowering the maximim signature requirement for a presidential candidate to get on the ballot from 5,000; Virginia just changed its law to lower the requirement from 10k to 5k, so we will be in compliance, and not need a waiver, unless the RBC changes the rule.

The DPVA should start discussing this issue at its December 2014 meeting and adopt a draft plan at its February 2015 meeting for submission and approval by the RBC in late summer 2015.  Virginia’s delegate selection plan will be publicized in the fall of 2015, Presidiential candidates will file in late 2015 (or early 2016), and it we are consistent with past practice, Virginia will have a presidential primary in the spring of 2016, a state convention to elect National Convention delegates in June 2016, a national convention in August (?), and then the November election.  Seems like just yesterday when we did all of this.  Ready?

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