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DNC Officer Electionz: Endorsements

After 8 years of being an underutilized aspect of the White House political office, the DNC is ready for action, and ready to take on Trump.  There is no status quo and there are no status quo candidates – there are a number of excellent, diverse candidates for DNC office who have been able to motivate a lot of Democrats to care about the DNC, many for the first time.  Whoever is elected as DNC officers will need the support not only of the other candidates, but of DNC members, and of  all Democrats because we have a lot of work to do.  Here are my preferred candidates.  (You can get a complete list of candidates and details on Saturday’s elections in Atlanta at the DNC Officer Electionz Post.)  I’ll be tweeting from Atlanta @Demrulz.

Chair:  We have some great candidates and I appreciated having the opportunity to meet and talk with them, especially including Keith Ellison.  But I think Tom Perez has the abilities to be a fiery spokesman for the party, to build the party’s national and state organizations, and to reach out to all Democrats and bring people together to face the current challenges. Tom knows the importance of local and state elections and is committed to helping Virginia Democrats win in 2017.  I have focused a lot of my efforts on voter protection, and as a former Assistant AG for Civil Rights, Tom knows the importance of fighting for voter expansion and fairness, in the legislature, in the courts, and in the community. He can reach out to all Democrats to get them involved, working, giving, and building the Democratic party.

Vice Chair for Civic Engagement and Voter Participation – I have served with Karen Carter Peterson who is a co-chair of the DNC Credentials Committee.  As a Louisiana State Senator, Karen knows the importance of strengthening the DNC voter expansion efforts and reaching out to partners to build a broad and progressive civil society movement.  But, I have also come to know and admire my fellow VA DNC member and fellow Arlington Democrat, Yasmine Taeb.  Whether its working to expand the party, elect Democrats, organize protests, or lobby for social justice, Yasmine has energy and vision, and my vote.

Vice Chairs – These three positions will be filled last and the gender of these positions depends on the preceding elections, so at present I will make only two endorsements.  Adam Parkhomenko is a young, enthusiastic, and extremely capable grass roots organizer who can put together winning efforts throughout the country.  Congresswoman Grace Meng is a young member of Congress who not only reaches out to the Asian American community, but can help coordinate DNC and Congressional Democratic strategy.

SecretaryJason Rae, former DNC Youth Council Chair and current Wisconsin DNC member, is committed to making the Secretary’s Office an advocate for DNC members so that we can be responsive to those who elected us (you).  He wants to increase transparency both for DNC members by providing reports and facilitating communications among DNC members, as well as increasing the transparency of the DNC in general by, among other things, improving its website.  He will do a terrific job.

TreasurerBill Derrough is an extraordinarily smart guy who can manage the DNC’s finances with expertise and greater transparency, help state parties budget and grow, and assist in the party’s fundraising.

National Finance ChairHenry Munoz will continue to lead the party’s fundraising efforts.

Thanks everyone for sharing our thoughts.  I am genuinely enthusiastic about the future of the DNC and look forward to working with its new officers.

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