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DNC Meeting – Obama Campaign Update

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Jim Messina – national campaign manager gave a reelection campaign update to DNC members.   Highlights:
• We will run a 50 state strategy; have staff everywhere;  are working with every state party.
• Campaign will include Va and NC – convention is in NC and President was in Richmond yesterday
• AmericanJobsAct.Com – OFA is pushing  for adoption of Act.
• 31 states have recently adopted voter restriction measures – we will fight them through referendum, lawsuits, and voter education – Voter protection efforts underway now.
• We will have the most open and accessible national convention in American history.
• GOP race – could be a long campaign, candidates moving further to the right.
• Effect of Citizens United – hundreds of millions in independent expenditures.
• Don’t be concerned about polls (especially national one) – long way to go.
• There are a lot of ways to 270 electoral votes – are expanding the map.
• Objectives include continuing to grow the grassroots, build tech infrastructure, reachout to key constituencies, hold the GOP accountable, raise money.
• “Respect, Empower, Include, Win”  #DNCFall11