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DNC Meeting – Obama Campaign Update

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Jim Messina – national campaign manager gave a reelection campaign update to DNC members.   Highlights:
• We will run a 50 state strategy; have staff everywhere;  are working with every state party.
• Campaign will include Va and NC – convention is in NC and President was in Richmond yesterday
• AmericanJobsAct.Com – OFA is pushing  for adoption of Act.
• 31 states have recently adopted voter restriction measures – we will fight them through referendum, lawsuits, and voter education – Voter protection efforts underway now.
• We will have the most open and accessible national convention in American history.
• GOP race – could be a long campaign, candidates moving further to the right.
• Effect of Citizens United – hundreds of millions in independent expenditures.
• Don’t be concerned about polls (especially national one) – long way to go.
• There are a lot of ways to 270 electoral votes – are expanding the map.
• Objectives include continuing to grow the grassroots, build tech infrastructure, reachout to key constituencies, hold the GOP accountable, raise money.
• “Respect, Empower, Include, Win”  #DNCFall11

2 thoughts on “DNC Meeting – Obama Campaign Update”

  1. How right you are. Here’s a link to the Rolling Stone article – Here’s a link to the DNC Voting Rights Institute that has been fighting these laws. The DNC and state Democratic parties always have attorneys available up to and on election day to help voters, including those that are challenged. If you are a lawyer or law student or would like to help, or if you are a voter who needs help, contact your state party or the DNC Voting Rights Institute.

  2. Recent Rolling Stone has a good article regarding voter supression. DNC should work to help students obtain absentee ballots. People should also look into their local DMV. Here we can obtain “non-driver” identification. Hopefuly these will pass muster as a “Govt. issued ID”. Lawsuits are needed but can drag on. The GOP are throwing up these roadblocks and we need to show them that we will play their game and still beat them. I also think that anyone that gets challenged has the right to ask for ID from the person challenging them and ask what authority they have to do so. Last I looked, poll workers weren’t deputized.

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