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DNC Issues Victory Task Force Report

Here is the recently issued DNC Victory Task Force Report.  Among other things, it reports on the current version of 50 State Strategy, which involves more financial support, training, and technical assistance to State Party organizations than ever before.  The Voter Expansion project is also providing resources for the important efforts of expanding and protecting the vote.  The DPVA Voter Protection Council {} had a very successful election day with DNC staff, working on perfecting their new incident reporting/response program in real time.   The report also addresses the critical areas of messaging, redistricting and promoting the next generation of Democratic Party leaders.  Comments are welcome.  Thanks

  DNC Victory Task Force Report (289.2 KiB, 877 hits)

  DNC VTF Action Plan 11.2015 (926.5 KiB, 1,214 hits)