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DNC General Meeting – Part 2

Chairman Kaine  addressed the group and discussed the Obama administration accomplishments, including getting all combat troops out of Iraq, GOP obstruction and the 2010 elections – noting our good candidates and strong strong field work.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Clair McCaskill spoke.   Senate candidate and UVA aluma Robin Carnahan was not able to attend, but she is running a strong campaign and will be a great Senator.  This afternoon features the Women’s Caucus and other constituency group meetings.

Rules and Bylaws Chairs presented the Call, Delegate Selection Plan and Charter Amendment, as discussed at the Executive Committee meeting as posted yesterday.  in addition, note that the unpledged party leader and elected official delegates (superdelegates) are to pledge 10 days after their states finalize delegate sslection.

There was one change to the drafts below – Delegate Selection Rule 20(c)(7) – page 19, line 39 – “may” changed to “shall” – what this means is that if a state party cannot comply with the party rules becuase of state law, and the party takes “provable positive steps” to change the law (but cannot), the RBC shall not (rather than “may” not) reduce the state delegation’s numbers.  This change was pushed by Florida, but would appear to ease the path for any states seeking waivers of RBC rules.

  DRAFT_2012_Call_for_Convention_8_19_10.pdf (417.7 KiB, 1,116 hits)

  DRAFT_2012_Delegate_Selection_Rules_8_19.pdf (361.4 KiB, 1,110 hits)

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