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DNC General Meeting – Fall 2011

Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz presided over her first DNC meeting and gave a strong speech supporting passage of  the American Jobs Act and the reelection of President Obama .   Highlights:
• Everyone urged to call their Congressperson in support of the American Jobs Act.  I
• Minneapolis Mayor Rybak elected vice chair and appointments confirmed.
• Dick Durban – spoke about Bush’s deficit spending, job losses,  and war, and Predient Obama’s efforts to resolve these issues; GOP efforts to undermine Health Care and Wall Street Reform; Obama’s accomplishment including repeal of DADT, Supreme Court appointments, supporting education, saving the auto industry; investing in America; the Dream Act.
• Fundarising going well – tens of thousands of new donors, 98% less than $200, raised 1M day of Jobs speech.
• Tribute to DNC Chair Chuck Mannatt (Chair 1981-1985), who got the national party back on track after the 1980 election and started construction of the first permanent DNC HQ.
• Adopted Resolutions (see prior post;  I will post final report).
• No additional old or new business.
• Secretary Germond announced that  office director Jean Doherty is leaving to join Gov. Patick in MA.  She did a terrific job and we will miss her.  (Go Bruins!)  But the new director is Lindsey Reynolds – former ED of the DPVA – who will do a terrific job; very exciting.
• Mayor Ryback:  “Give ‘em hell Barry”
• DWS – “The only job Republicans care about is Barrack Obama’s”
• Durban – “the Tea Party motto is, ‘never forget, we are all in this alone.”’