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DNC Fall Meeting This Week

The Democratic National Committee will meet this Thursday-Saturday (Sept. 8-10) in Chicago.  The meeting will feature the usual business and caucuses (see schedule).  So the DNC isn’t yet moving to the more interactive approach that some of us would like.  See here.   Business will include election of RT Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis, to fill Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ DNC Vice Chair position, filling of DNC Committee vacancies, and consideration of resolutions (I will post the resolutions when I receive them).  Some of the interesting activities will include watching President Obama’s speech on Thursday night, visiting the Reelection Campaign HQ, and hearing speeches from Chair Wasserman Schultz, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Campaign Manager Jim Messina, and others.    As always, I’ll be posting/facebooking/tweeting. 

  DNC_Fall_2011.pdf (1.1 MiB, 919 hits)