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DNC Executive Committee Meeting

RBC Co-Chairs Roosevelt and Herman reported on the 2012 Delegate Selection Process and changes in the process.  The major changes, of course, are:  (1)  Calender – DNC and RNC adopted the same calendar, with IA, NH, SC, and NV going in February and other states going from March to June; States which move back to April or May/June or stay there will get bonus delegates (10% if April, 20% if May/June); states which hold their processes in 3+state clusters on or after the third Tuesday in March will get a 15% bonus; (2) superdelegates – their impact is diluted by the increase in national convention delegates from 3,000 to 3,700 (before bonuses); and (3) addition of young people to outreach inclusion programs.   There were no questions or discussion.  

The Executive Committee also heard from DNC Chair Kaine (a University of Missouri graduate), St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, and officers.  The treasurer noted that the number of donors and average donations continue to increase and otherwise fundraising is encouraging.   Kaine discussed the successes of the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress, including health care reform, continuing tradition of accomplishments like social security and medicare.  We accomplished this, for the first time, without any GOP assistance.  He also mentioned Wall Street reform, Justice Kagan, and economic recovery, and the need to go forward.

DNC 2010 is focusing on electing Democrats this fall, though field organization, voter registration, election protection, and strengthening state parties, as well as the efforts of OFA, particularly reaching out to new 2008 voters.  The DNC will put $50 million into midterm elections  – without federal PAC and lobbyist dollars.  DNC efforts include, which facilitates voter registration, and the accountability project, which allows publicity for GOP/Tea Party statements.  OFA is focusing on Commit to Vote canvassing efforts.   The DNC will decide on a convention location by the end of this year or early next year.  There was also discussion about important state legislative races which are critical regarding upcoming redistricting.

New business – the Committee recommended a Charter Amendment to eliminate the approximately 70 unpledged add-on national convention delegate position, and add this group as part of the 700 new pledged convention delegates.

Alfonso Lopez says hi.   Gaylene Knoyton represented DPVA well at this morning’s Association of State Democratic Chairs.  New AFL-CIO President Doris Crouse-Mays, Delegate Lionell Spruill, and At-Large member Grindley Johnson are also attending the meetings.