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DNC Electionz Final – Results

The Democratic National Committee met (for 13.5 hours) on Saturday and elected a progressive, action-oriented, diverse leadership team.  Chair Tom Perez, Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, the newly elected officers, the strong candidates who ran but did not get elected, and DNC members are committed to building the Democratic Party, winning elections, and defeating Trumpism. The new DNC will NC members play a much more active role and will build state parties, support Democratic candidates for all offices, expand the vote, improve technology, fight for progressive causes, and raise the funds to do all this.

I posted regular updates at @demrulz and Facebook, but below (courtesy of Dem List), are the final vote counts.  We were sorry that Virginians Yasmine Taeb, Adam Parkhomenko, and Susan Swecker fell short in their races, but they ran great campaigns and we are proud of them.  Here is the semi-final Resolutions Report (#33 was deleted but that issue will be clarified and addressed by the new DNC administration).

I am starting my third term on the DNC, but I can’t stress enough just how different the DNC is now – the whole officer election process was extensive, transparent, and fair in an unprecedented way, including the four regional forums.  We aren’t going back and will continue to go forward.

The New DNC Leadership
Chair: Tom Perez (2nd ballot)
Tom Perez (Maryland): 235 Votes
Keith Ellison (Minnesota): 200 Votes

National Finance Chair: Henry Munoz III (Texas)

Treasurer: Bill Derrough (New York)
Won on the 2nd Ballot with 281.5 to 125.5 for Joyce Amico (Colorado)

Vice Chair of Civic Engagement & Voter Participation: Karen Carter Peterson (Louisiana)
Won on the 1st ballot with 263.5 votes, followed by Yasmine Taeb (Virginia) with 112.5.

Secretary: Jason Rae (Wisconsin)
Won on the 3rd Ballot with 224 to defeat incumbent Party Secretary Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Maryland) who came in second with 64 votes, followed by Ana Cuprill (Wyoming) with 50.

Vice Chairs (At-Large)
Maria Elena Durazo (California) with 228.5 votes
Grace Meng (New York) with 216 votes
Michael Blake (New York) with 237 votes

Chair, Association of State Democratic Chairs (also DNC Vice Chair):  Ken Martin (Minnesota).