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DNC Communications Update June 1

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Memorial day, jobs, and response to Romney, including our own Sen. Louise Lucas

  DNC Communications Update May 1 (605.8 KiB, 883 hits)

Senator Louise Lucas said:   “In the Commonwealth of Virginia, we’ve seen the devastating impact this assault on women’s rights can have. I led the fight against the Governor Bob McDonnell’s outrageous ultrasound bill in the legislature that is part of the movement to strip away women’s rights and re-fight cultural battles that were decided decades ago. While Mitt Romney has refused to say whether he supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight back when they’re paid less than men for the same work, Scott Walker actually signed a bill to repeal equal pay protections in Wisconsin. While Mitt Romney, Scott Walker and Bob McDonnell have done everything possible to alienate women, President Obama and Tom Barrett have stood by them. Our country needs leaders like President Obama and Tom Barrett, who understand that women aren’t a special interest group. They are America’s mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.”