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DNC Communications Report – 3/3/2012

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Education, jobs, veterans, energy, & women, including a statement from Virginia’s own National Committeewoman Mame Reiley, who chairs the DNC Women’s Caucus, on Women’s History Month:

“We know that over the course of American history, women have fought bravely for the right to participate fully alongside men in the voting booth, in the board room, and in every aspect of our daily lives. It’s a struggle that continues to this day—but as a result of the unbreakable strength and dedication of so many American women who have made this nation great, we are now closer than ever before to achieving full equality.

“But if Women’s History Month teaches us anything, it’s that we must never stop fighting to move our nation forward and secure a better future for all women. That means standing up against assaults on women’s rights in Congress and on the campaign trail, and making our voices heard by actively participating in our political process and engaging women in their local communities. We know the crucial role that women have to play in the 2012 election—in 2008, President Obama won the women’s vote by 13 points. We must continue to engage women voters across the country, and that is exactly what we will be doing at the DNC each and every day from now until November and beyond.” 

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