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DNC Committees meet in Richmond

The Executive Committee of the Democratic National Committee and Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) met on friday – the first time (at least in anyone’s memory) that such a meeting has been held in Richmond.   Appropriately for a Richmond meeting, the Executive Commitee adopted a resolution honoring George Rawlings (see April 26 post).  The Committees heard from DNC Chair, Governor Tim Kaine, Ricmond Mayor Dwight Jones, and DNC leaders.  The ASDC had several days of training seminars.  

Governor Kaine addressed the need for the DNC to help President Obama seize the moment and bring about change, including on the issue of health care. 

Brad Woodhouse, DNC Communications Director, screened a series of excellent DNC-produced ads regarding the successes of the Obama Administration and the GOP fail.  See , e.g., Survivor.

DNC May 2009 004Clyde Williams (DNC Political Dir.) discussed the new DNC 50-state strategy – it involves grants to state parties to hire staff, DNC support for regional political and communications  activities, and information sharing among state parties.  (Gov. Kaine has assuaged concerns that he would seek to implement a “13 colony strategy”).

Organizing for America is also taking shape reported Jeremy Bird (Deputy ED) – OFA staffers will be in 32 states by the end of June and ultimately in all 50, working to help enact the Obama administration’s programs and working for important state and local issues –  like early voting in Virginia.

Phil McNamara (Dir of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection) reported on the DNC Rules Change Commission which will hold its first meeting on June 27, 2009 in DC (see May 17 post).

DNC goals for this year include raising money to get out the message and elect Democrats and gearing up for the mid-term elections, including Virginia and New Jersey in 2009.DNC May 2009 011

In addition to honoring George Rawlings, the DNC EC passed other resolutions, including commending President Obama on his accomplishments in his first 100 days, and authorizing continuation of OFA.  See Resolutions.

Virginians who are currently working at the DNC include Larry Roberts (Senior Advisor to the Chairman), Sindy Benavides (Vote and Community Director), Lindsey Reynolds (Dir., Dems Abroad), Amy Reger (OFA), and Charlie Kelly (50 State Strategy Dir.).