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DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s Statement on the Midterm Election Results

“In November 2008, the American people voted for change – for a President that would stand up for the needs of middle-class families and a government that would work together to address America’s biggest challenges.  In the two years since then, Democrats have worked hard to rebuild America’s economy and renew the American Dream.  But tonight, voters sent a message that change has not happened fast enough.   The American people are rightly frustrated by the economy, and Democrats are ready to redouble our efforts to create jobs and accelerate growth.   With the two houses of Congress now divided between Democrats and Republicans, it is incumbent upon both parties to take responsibility for governing so we can move the nation forward. 

“In the face of stiff historical and economic headwinds, many of our candidates – with the help of committed volunteers and supporters across the country – outperformed expectations tonight.  Democrats will maintain control of the Senate and we are fighting hard in key governors’ races across the country.  I am extremely proud of our Party and the Democrats across the country who ran strong races based on records of fighting for the middle class, holding Wall Street accountable, ending the worst insurance industry abuses, and repairing the economic damage created by nearly a decade of failed economic policies.  

“While there are many races still undecided, we must turn our attention back to the business of the American people and in that, we hope that Republicans will join us in looking for common ground from which we can make the progress the American people expect and deserve.”