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DNC Begins Kaine Era — Building on the 50 State Strategy

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January_2009_102.JPGThe Democratic National Committee met in Washington on January 21, 2009 and elected Virginia  Governor Tim Kaine as its new Chair.  He proclaimed the 50 State Strategy “a magnificent success” noting that he was “its first beneficiary,” and calling it “so simple, so powerful, so true.”  He declared that “the 50 state strategy is now and forever what Democrats do.”  “Never again will we be a party that will write off states” because “everybody matters.”  Recognizing “the unstoppable momentum for change in that nation,” Gov. Kaine promised to advance President Obama’s agenda, carry the party banner, and advance new ways for Democrats to be active.  See Gov. Kaine’s address.January_2009_093.JPG

January_2009_094.JPGGov. Kaine’s nomination was seconded eloquently by Virginia’s National Committeewomen Mame Riley and Doris Crouse-Mays.


Governor Kaine, and the DNC, recognized the accomplishments of outgoing Chair, Gov. Howard Dean.  In his address, Gov. Dean spoke of the party’s successes in the past four years in building a national party, competing at every level, showing up everywhere and asking for every vote, compiling a national voter file, developing targeting techniques, and developing a sophisticated legal team.  He stressed the need to keep voters, especially young voters, engaged, improve technology, encourage grass roots activism and support President Obama’s agenda.  See Chairman Dean’s Speech January_2009_087.JPG(Among the honors presenting to Gov. Dean was a blanket from the Native American caucus.)

The DNC elected additional officers: Vice-Chairs Donna Brazile (Voter Registration and Participation), Linda Chavez-Thompson, U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Raymond Buckley (who was elected as the new President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs); Treasurer Andrew Tobias, Secretary Alice Travis Germond; and National Finance Chair Jane Stetson. January_2009_097.JPG

The DNC also passed resolutions commending Chairman Dean, supporting voter registration for those in the service, supporting Sen. Levin’s Committee on Torture, and honoring Sen Claiborne Pell.