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DNC 2011 Winter Meeting Part 1

The Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) (composed of the chair and vice chair of each state party) had an extensive and frank discussion of DNC-state party partnership (including funding issues).  Under the 50 State Strategy of former Chair Howard Dean, DNC hired and funded certain state Democratic Party staff people.  The current DNC has provided more limited funding to state parties, but also funded the Organizing for America field staff.  The DNC and ASDC have reached an agreement that would provide increased DNC funding to state parties, additional assistance for specific state party needs, and  in-kind services and support.  State Democrats will also benefit from OFA and President Obama’s reelection campaign.

The ASDC then held elections – Ray Buckley (NH) won reelection over Chris Feathers (OH) as President and our own Gaylene Kanoyton was elected as Southern Region Vice President.  The ASDC planned to have a workshop on Delegate Selection Plan, but it was not scheduled; it will be rescheduled during this meeting or will be presented as a webinar.  The next SDC meeting will be on June 4-5

Chairman Kaine and former DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly addressed an excellent Black History Month luncheon.  Governor Kaine spoke about his background as a civil rights litigator, but noted that his proudest accomplishment was helping to elect President Obama.  He spoke movingly of December 15, 2008, when Virginia’s electors met in the Thomas Jefferson’s Capitol, where the Confederate congress met, where Virginia enacted the 1902 state constiution (which abrogated rights granted during reconstruction) and massive resistance to desegregation legislation, to cast Virginia’s votes for President Obama.

The Resolutions Committee met and adopted most of the circulated resolutions, with some revisions. It added a provision supporting DC Voting Rights to the Voting Rights resoloution.  The Committee revised resolutions 15 and 16 to reflect the ASDC agreement discussed above.  Note that among the memorial resolutions was one honoring former Virginia Congressman and DPVA Chair, the late Owen Picket.