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Democratic National Platform Drafting Process begins

From the DNC:  Wednesday marked the beginning of the platform drafting process with the first session of the Mid-Atlantic Democratic Platform Forum taking place in Washington, DC. The forum brought together those appointed by the two presidential campaigns and DNC Chair Rep. Wasserman Schultz to create an inclusive platform that will be instrumental in guiding Democrats for the next four years. “We are here to kick off a process where we can share with the American people what the Democratic Party stands for, and leave no doubt that it is our Party that shares their values and speaks to their aspirations,” the Chairwoman said in her address to the drafting committee, “This is an open process, and it’s a hallmark of the Democratic Party. Every cycle we do more and more to engage and include the American people…when we’re done, this process and our convention will be the most representative and inclusive in history.”

To submit your Platform ideas, go to