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Democratic Issue Priorities

The incoming Trump administration offers a target rich opportunity for action and resistance. Every lousy appointment or ignorant tweet justifiably incites outrage, as will Trump administration policies whenever he comes up with some. It is tempting to remain in a constant state of outrage, but that’s probably not healthy. So how to identify the battles that are most worth fighting?

Spontaneously – tens of millions of Americans are concerned and angry about the policies Trump has threatened to pursue. Each person should take action on the issues that are the most important to that person – whether it is support for local schools or combating global climate change. Issues with broad interest will rise to the top. The Democratic Party – at all levels should provide support and resources to assist in communicating concerns.

DNC Priorities List – the DNC communications department may want to track critical issues and public views and provide resources for follow up. Sort of like the DNC’s Factivist program, but with a better name. And more effective. For example, it can issue the list daily and focus on key issues, e.g., upcoming Congressional votes, for that day.

Shadow Cabinet – England and other parliamentary systems have process whereby the leader of the loyal opposition puts together a group of “shadow ministers” (apparently called “opposition critics” in Canada and “spokespersons” in New Zealand) who put forth policy ideas and respond to government initiatives. We lack an Opposition Leader, so I’d nominate Joe Biden. He and others can put together a group of Democratic opinion leaders – Senators, Governors, other elected officials, activists, union officers, and others who can take the lead in responding to Trump initiatives on an issue by issue basis.

DPVA Leadership – I’ve posted on the DPVA resolutions process before. See Resolving Resolutions Issues. In short, the DPVA could (in coordination with the DNC Priorities List) set up an Issues Action Webpage. It would include DPVA State Central Committee Resolutions, city/county, congressional district and caucus resolutions, a DPVA member forum, and action information, including practical information on contacting elected officials concerning the most important issues.

Randomly – My brother in law suggested writing the names of the 20 most outrageous things on a wheel – spinning it – and focusing on the one it lands on for that day. Like I said, there is no shortage of issues of concern.

Your ideas?