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Cooch Wants to Change Rules to Help Loser GOP Candidates

RTD p0litical reporter Wesley Hester reports that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuchinelli wants to lower Virginia’s presidential primary signature requirement to 100 per congressional district, and make the change retroactive to help the GOP candidates who didn’t make it on the ballot (including his apparent favorite Rick Santorum).  Cooch also noted the possibility of “a serious write-in campaign,” and thus it appears that he does not know that Va. Code sec. 24.2-549 does not allow write-ins in primaries.   If the GOP wanted to ease access to the primary ballot, it should have enacted Democratic Party-endorsed House Bill 1667, which would have lowered the requirement from 10,000 to 5,000 signatures.  See here.  It should still support that change – but going forward only.

By the way, Presidential Candidates can obtain information on ballot requirements from the State Board of Elections, here (although it is too late for many of them).