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Big Democratic Meeting Weekend

The DNC meets twice a year and the DPVA Central Committee meets four times a year – if we had a DNC Chair who was a member of the DPVA, maybe they wouldn’t constantly meet on the same weekends.  Oh, wait.  Anyway, the DNC is meeting here is DC on Thursday-Saturday, February 4-6 at the Capital Hilton on 16th and K streets.  Committees and caucuses meet on Thursday and Friday, and the DNC general meeting is Saturday at 10:00 am.  The DPVA is meeting on Feb. 5-6 at the Richmond Downtown Marriott, 500 E. Broad St., 23219.  Steering is Friday at 7:30 pm, Central is Saturday at 10:00 am.   The agendas I have seen are general; clearly both meeting will focus on regaining Democratic momentum.  One thing that I have suggested that will happen is the OFA Virginia Coordinator will speak to the DPVA.  I’ll post from the DNC.