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Act Now for Affordable Health Care for Virginians

Health care reform is real, Constitutional, and will benefit Virginians, and we need it now.   Here’s Delegate Jennifer McClellan’s message:

Right now families all over Virginia are breathing a sigh of relief that the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act and allowed it to continue to deliver access to affordable health care for an increasing number of Americans.  But even after last week’s landmark decision, Republicans like Governor Bob McDonnell are refusing to implement Virginia’s part of the law until after the upcoming election, in the hope that Mitt Romney wins and repeals it.

We can’t afford for Republicans to stonewall affordable health care while thousands of families wait.  Will you click here and sign our petition telling Bob McDonnell and Republicans to drop their political games and take action to make sure Virginia gets its fair share of the Affordable Care Act right away?

Virginia can lead the way in expanding access to affordable care- but Republicans are sitting on their hands because they hope the law will be repealed, costing thousands of Virginians access to health coverage along the way.

This is a historic battle we’re fighting, and we’re winning, but we cannot afford to stop now.  Sign the petition and tell Governor McDonnell to call a special session of the General Assembly to get Virginia off the fence and into the game implementing the Affordable Care Act.

It’s time for Governor McDonnell and Republicans to realize that Virginians hired them to lead, not to put their own political agenda ahead of affordable health coverage for Virginia families.  The Affordable Care Act is the law of our land, now is the time to put it into action and get thousands of Virginians access to health coverage that should be a right in our nation, not a privilege for the fortunate few.

Please raise your voice with me and let Republicans know this is a time for action to make life better for Virginia families.