Leone for DNC 2016 – Thank You!

I am seeking re-election as one of Virginia’s five Democratic National Committee (DNC) members at our June 18, 2016 State Convention in Richmond. I ask for your support, click here. I look forward to continuing to serve you in 2016 and beyond as we work to elect a new Democratic President and a Democratic Congress in the critical election this fall. The DNC will meet in January 2017 to elect new officers and with a renewed mission to build strong state parties and elect Democrats at every level – including our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Delegates in 2017.

Frank LeoneAbout Me
I have served on the DNC since 2008 and on its Credentials Committee since 2009. I have worked enthusiastically as a grassroots volunteer for Virginia Democratic campaigns since I was 14 years old, working to strengthen local committees, provide training, expand outreach, register voters, identify voters, get out the vote, advocate for issues, and raise money. I have also served on DPVA State Central since 1993 and and on its Steering Committee (including two terms as Vice Chair of Rules) and several Congressional District and local Democratic Committees, and as Chairman of the Virginia College Democrats and President of the Virginia Young Democrats. For more information about me, see my DemRulz/About page.

My Goals
if I am fortunate enough to be elected, include:

  • Continuing to keep Virginia Democrats informed about DNC and Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) processes, initiatives, and activities. Since my election to the DNC in 2008, I have maintained the DemRulz website as well as Facebook (Frank Leone) and Twitter (@Demrulz) pages to help make the Democratic Party more transparent and encourage participation in its efforts.
  • Fighting for the right to vote. I have work to protect the vote since I was in college, but I recently helped establish the DPVA’s Voter Expansion and Protection Council.  We have worked closely with the DNC’s Voter Expansion Project, which has provided resources and staff and even used Virginia elections for DNC pilot projects. Our new Voter Council works year round on voter education, legislative and regulatory activities, and litigation, as well as election day (and post-election) voter protection efforts and its activities this year will be crucial – join here!
  • Building DPVA. I have supported the DNC’s efforts to provide financial, training, technical, communications (as well as voter protection assistance) to state parties and I spend most of my time working as a volunteer for DPVA helping to build the party and elect Democrats, from the Courthouse to the White House. Since the DNC launched its 50-State Strategy in 2005, it has expanded its State Party Partnership Program (renewed in 2015) to provide funding and resources for state parties (including Virginia’s), to build infrastructure, provide training, support GOTV and field operations, encourage constituency outreach, improve technology, implement strategic communications and media relations, and build strong voter files.  I will support expansion of these DNC efforts – strong state parties are essential for Democratic victories.
  • Working to ensure fair and clear party nomination processes that encourage maximum participation.  I have always supported primaries in Virginia for the selection of our statewide and national candidates. I have drafted (within DNC specifications) our Delegate Selection Plans, prepared numerous explanatory documents, and this year alone made about 20 presentations to try to encourage participation in our Delegate Selection process. You can find relevant materials on the DemRulz Convention 2016 page. Going forward, I will work to address some of the issues that have been raised in this year’s process, including “super delegates” and caucuses.
  • Supporting outreach efforts so that we have a Democratic Party that thrives on the diversity of its members. I have actively supported the creation and activities of the DPVA’s constituency caucuses and the party’s general outreach programs. We need to do more to help every Democratic organization from local committees to the DPVA implement active programs to reach out to different communities and build our party.  You can learn more about the DPVA caucuses – including the Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus, the Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia, the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, the Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia,the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, the Disability Caucus, the Veterans and Military Family Members Caucus, the Small Business Caucus, and the Virginia Young Democrats, here.
  • Working for progressive values and issues – my primary focus has been voting rights, but I have actively supported efforts to advance progressive legislation (and, in the General Assembly, stop regressive legislation). For example, this year we need to educate voters to vote NO on the misnamed Right to Work State Constitutional Amendment. See here.

This year I am proud to be running with on a team experienced DNC members Doris Crouse-Mays, Sandra Brandt, and Del. Lionell Spruill, and I ask for your support for our Victory Team.  Note that we are not running a full slate so you can vote for our Team and no more than one other DNC candidate (or you can vote for our members individually, but no more than 5 total).

  DNC 2016 flyer (435.2 KiB, 938 hits)

I Support Frank for DNCI would be honored to have your support and hear your ideas about how to elect Democrats and build our party.  To support me, click here. Thank you so much.