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You Can Help Protect the Vote (from Trump)!

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This year protecting the rights of Virginians to register, vote, and have their votes counted is more important than ever.  The Democratic Party of Virginia will have a robust voter protection program in place on election day, but we need your help.   We will assist with the usual problems of long lines, equipment problems, and election official errors, as well as address issues relating to photo ID requirements, former felon rights restoration, and the specter of Trump-sponsored voter suppression efforts.  If you would like to help with voter registration and education projects between now and election day, on election day, and/or with the canvass following the election, please sign up now at the Victory Counsel webpage or the DPVA Voter Protection Council site.

More details:

  • There will be in-person training sessions this fall to provide you with the information you need to protect the vote.
  • You need to be a Virginia lawyer to go inside the polls, but can still help if you are not a Virginia lawyer.
  • Poll observers help ensure that election laws are properly observed, that voters are processed efficiently, and that nothing disrupts voters’ access to the ballot box.
  • Specifically, poll observers are on the lookout for problems – e.g. polls not open, poll books malfunctioning, voting machines malfunctioning, long lines, acceptable voter ID being rejected, people not being given provisional ballots if they are not on the rolls, voters being harassed, or voters being improperly challenged and not allowed to vote.
    • Poll observers can then talk to the chief local election official to have the problem addressed, talk to the voter (typically outside the polling area), and/or call in the problem to our HQ, which can then follow-up with the local registrar, the State Department of Elections, law enforcement, or any other appropriate authority.
    • Poll observers can communicate electronically or call HQ at any time – we will talk you through any issues.

If you have any questions or have other volunteer interests (e.g. phone banking, volunteer recruitment, or hosting a training at your office), please contact us at  Our team will be in touch with you about your interest in Virginia’s Victory Counsel.  Thank you for your help and support!