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DPVA Steering Comte supports Dem redistricting, 2012 Senate Primary, NoVa Convention

The DPVA Steering Committee met last night and endorsed the Senate-passed Congressional redistricting plan that provides for two opportunity districts.  The SC also recommended nominating the next US senator from Virginia in a primary, to be held on June 12, 2012 (the same time as the GOP primary).  The SC also recommended the selection of George Mason University in Fairfax as the location for the June 2, 2012 VA Democratic Convention.  This would be the first Northern Virginia Convention ever and we hope to draw high level speakers as well as doing the business of electing National Convention Delegates and DNC members.  Other business:

  • Discussed 2011 general assembly races – 52 days away
  • Adopted resolutions merging the Bedford city and county committees and honoring the late Ken Geroe
  • Mike Henry of the Kaine campaign and Brandyn Keating of OFA spoke about their efforts to help 2011 candidates as well as prepare for 2012
  • Dr. Lateef, Dem candidate for PW county chair spoke
  • Brian Coy spoke about new and increasing DPVA communications – they are doing a great job, check out the DPVA website
  • DPVA vice chair Gaylene Kanoyton reported on the DNC meeting in Chicago and Association of State Democratic Chairs meeting in Portland – Gaylene is doing an excellent job of representing Va at these organizations, bringing information back, and moving these groups forward
  • Reviewed the sucess of this summer’s Summit in Richmond – which was attended by 500 party activists
  • Vice Chair for Tech Craig Fifer spoke about continuing tech updates, including the new Iphone App.
  • Heard presentations from state party counsel – Jeff Bourne and deputies Fred Mittelman and Steve Cobb, especially regarding protect and promote the vote efforts for 2011 – contact
  • After the meeting, the Democratic Latino Caucus of Virginia had an excellent reception, honored Senators Henry Marsh and John Edwards, heard Terry McAuliffe, recognized a number of elected officials who attended, and noted Alfonso Lopez, who will join the General Assembly the upcoming session.
  • Next meeting will be in Hampton on December 2
  • State Central Committee to meet today.

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  1. Fred Hudson, 2nd Vice-Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party, discusses gerrymandering on the locally-produced Charlottesville, VA, politics interview program Politics Matters with host Jan Paynter: The current program features Bob Gibson, Executive Director of the UVA Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership, discussing journalism and the media.

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