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Democratic Committee Members Can’t Endorse Republicans

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This is not a surprising idea, but periodically people need reminding.  The Democratic Party of Virgnia Party Plan section 10.8 (reprinted below) provides that Democratic committee members cannot publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee – that includes Republicans, Greens, Independants (or all of the above) who are running against a Democratic nominee.  After a State Senator (and former DNC member) endorsed George Allen for the Senate, the Plan was revised to provide for notice and opportunity to be heard, but then then “automatic” removal if a committee member is found to have engaged in such activity.

I view the provision as more practical than punitive.  You can’t have a Democratic committee choosing nomination processes, planning strategy, raising money, and supporting candidates and have a supporter of the opposing party’s candidate voting as a member of that committee.  I also don’t view it as an automatic life-time ban.  The removal provision also only applies to Democratic Committees – elected officials are not removed from their offices.  But the bottom line is if you feel you have to endorse a Republican, you should resign from your Democratic committee, or you will be removed.

Section 10.8 Party Support
No Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee. If a Democratic committee member is accused of undertaking such public activity, the appropriate Democratic committee shall vote on whether the member has undertaken such public activity. The member’s removal from the committee shall be automatic if the committee finds that the member has engaged in such public activity. Such action shall not be taken without at least ten (10) days written notice to the accused member and an opportunity for him or her to refute such charges.

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