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New @DNC Meets, Works Toward Reform

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The Democratic National Committee accepted an interim report from its Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC), which takes steps towards implementing some of the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission.  Note, however, that over the past year the DNC has already made efforts to implement the URC principles, including focusing on elections from the School House to the White House, providing resources to state parties, pushing voter protection efforts, expanding partnerships, building up small-dollar fundraising, and providing greater transparency.  The RBC will continue to evaluate the recommendations as it drafts the 2020 Delegate Selection plan and other relevant documents, for presentation at the DNC’s summer/fall meeting. Take a look at the Summary and Report below and let me know what you think.

Aside from RBC, the DNC and its member groups met from Wednesday to Saturday this week.  Check out my @DemRulz timeline for more details, but here are some of the other highlights.

  • A gala Wednesday and the program highlighted the DNC’s #IWillVote campaign to engage and energize 50 million voters for the 2018 elections.
  • Speakers included a diverse group of young Democratic officer holders, of whom we are very proud.
  • The DNC adopted Charter & Bylaws revisions to add the DNC Secretary and President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs to the DNC RBC, elevate Native Americans to caucus, and add mental to physical disability in non-discrimination provisions.
  • The body also adopted the resolutions package set forth below.
  • Here’s a cool new DNC video

      DNC RBC Report March 2018 (132.1 KiB, 8,856 hits)

      DNC RBC Report March 2018 - Summary (85.4 KiB, 7,355 hits)

      DNC Charter/Bylaws (Winter 2018) (161.1 KiB, 6,459 hits)

      DNC 2018 Winter Meeting Resolutions (402.9 KiB, 6,971 hits)

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