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DNC Oct. Change Commission Meeting – Followup

Here is some additional information on the October 24, 2009 DNC Change Commission meeting.

First, here’s a link to a post by Change Commission member Suzi LeVine from Washington State, courtesy of Josh Putnam at Frontloading HQ, which provides detailed notes from the meeting.  Suzi’s observations are interesting because Washington is a caucus state and thus she can address issues that those of us from formerly-caucus states have tried to block out of our minds forever.  See also post on superdelegates (i.e. , automatic unpledged delegates) at DemConWatch.

Second, here’s a link to the materials provided at the meeting.  Thanks as always to DNC Director of the Office of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection (Virginian) Patrice Taylor who does an excellent job with these meeting and issues, as well as being a nice person, and the rest of the excellent DNC staff.  

  Democratic_Change_Commission.pdf (3.6 MiB, 1,154 hits)