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DNC Communications Update 3.7.2014

@TheDemocrats update – Factivists response to CPAC meeting, #DNC14 Winter Meeting videos, raising the minimum wate, Women’s History Month, and state updates

DNC Communications Update 1.17.2014

Christie BridgeGate continues; no GOP help for the unemployed; expanding college opportunity; new SBA head; Happy (50th) Birthday Michele Obama! 

DNC Communications Update 1/3/2014

The Affordable Care Act working, GOP blocking unemployment benefits for those trying to work, more on ChristieBridgeGate, congrats to Mayor DeBlasio, and state updates 

DNC Communications Update

People are signing up for the Affordable Care Act and recognizing the benefits, President Obama’s tribute to Nelson Mandela, Christie’s Bridge Scandal. 

DNC Communications Update 12.6.2013

President Obama and Donna Brazile honor Nelson Mandela, publicizing Affordable Care Act benefits, Fast for Families, economic inequality, and Republican governors