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DNC Communications Update 3.7.2014

@TheDemocrats update – Factivists response to CPAC meeting, #DNC14 Winter Meeting videos, raising the minimum wate, Women’s History Month, and state updates

Thanks #Mame

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#DNC14 – As always, Virginia’s National Committee Woman Mame Reiley Chaired  the Women’s Caucus (and ran a great meeting) and participated in the DNC Executive… Read More »Thanks #Mame

DNC Communications Update 1.17.2014

Christie BridgeGate continues; no GOP help for the unemployed; expanding college opportunity; new SBA head; Happy (50th) Birthday Michele Obama! 

DNC Communications Update 1/3/2014

The Affordable Care Act working, GOP blocking unemployment benefits for those trying to work, more on ChristieBridgeGate, congrats to Mayor DeBlasio, and state updates