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Help Protect Voters Without a Photo ID

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To implement the photo ID legislation enacted last year (SB 1256), the State Board of Elections (SBE) is developing the process for Registered Voters who lack one of the eligible photo IDs to obtain one free of charge from their local voter registrar. The voter must complete an application form. The proposed form states that requesting a photo ID when you may already have one is a felony and requires those requesting the free ID to swear that they do not have one. Virginia Organizing, and The League of Women Voters of Virginia also oppose the inclusion of the felony statement.  Such a declaration is unnecessary, unwarranted, intimidating and not required by the legislative language. Please Take Action and Submit Comments before March 24, 2014 – click here.

DNC Communications Update 3.7.2014

@TheDemocrats update – Factivists response to CPAC meeting, #DNC14 Winter Meeting videos, raising the minimum wate, Women’s History Month, and state updates

DNC Communications Update 1/3/2014

The Affordable Care Act working, GOP blocking unemployment benefits for those trying to work, more on ChristieBridgeGate, congrats to Mayor DeBlasio, and state updates 

DNC Communications Update

People are signing up for the Affordable Care Act and recognizing the benefits, President Obama’s tribute to Nelson Mandela, Christie’s Bridge Scandal. 

DNC Communications Update 9.20.2013

GOP/Tea Party government shutdown/default threat, Navy Yard tragedy, Michigan auto rescue, Citizenship Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and news from the States, including Terry McAullife endorsement. 

DNC Communications Update 8.16.2013

New and much needed student loan legislation, Disabled American Veteran’s Convention, 78th Anniversary of Social Security, and congratulations to Cory Booker!