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DPVA Steering Committee Meets – 53 Days to Election

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DPVA Chair Brian Moran, Secretary Steve Bunn, Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton

The Democratic Party of Virginia held a very substantive Steering Committee meeting last night, focused primarily on the tasks necessary over the next 53 days to elect Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, and our Congressional candidates.  The Committee also voted to recommend to the full Central Committee that the Party chose its 2013 nominees for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Atty. General by primary, and oppose this fall’s constitutional amendment regarding eminent  domain.  The full Central Committee meeting this morning.  Some highlights of last night’s meeting.Read More »DPVA Steering Committee Meets – 53 Days to Election


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I understand that some folks like guns, but one handgun a month ought to be enough, and the General Assembly should focus on other issues.  (But not voter supression and restricting choice.)Read More »Guns

DPVA State Committees Meet

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The DPVA Steering and Central Committee met this weekend in Hampton VA.  Highlights included Congressman Bobby Scott’s speech, discussion of 2011 results and lessons and 2012 Obama and Kaine campaign activities, and adoption of resolutions.

Cong. Bobby Scott

Virginia Obama State Director Lise Clavel (who managed Tom Periello’s campaigns and served as his Chief of Staff) reported that field staff is growing from 15 t0 50 and will exceed 100 by next year.  They will open 50 offices around the Commonwealth (Fairfax and Newport News opened today).  The Obama campaign will work closely with DPVA and local party committees.  An early focus will be voter registration, with a number of drives around the state scheduled for next weekend.  Bookmark the OFA-VA page and participate in upcoming events.   I was impressed with Lise and the campaign’s specific plans.  2012 should have 2x-3x the turnout of 2011 — if we get our people to the polls, Obama will again carry Virginia.Read More »DPVA State Committees Meet