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DNC Communications Update 5/18

Barnard Address, fallen police officers, Congress To Do List for small business, (more on that later), and veterans and military families for Obama

DPVA CD and State Convention News

Last Saturday (May 12), I attended the 1st and 10th Congressional District Conventions in Fairfax and Frederickburg.  This Saturday (May 19), the remaining Congressional Districts will hold their conventions and our Unity Team for the DNC, Mame Reiley, Doris Crouse-Mays, George Wallace and I, or folks helping us, will cover those conventions.  The CD conventions will elect 69 National Convention Delegates and 7 Alternates (2/3 of the total elected Delegates and 3/4 of the Alternates) and chose Presidential Electors, and some CDs will consider also resolutions.  (See CD Convention details below.)Read More »DPVA CD and State Convention News

DNC Re-Election Supporters List

I am seeking election to a second term on the DNC (Democratic National Committee) at the DPVA State Convention on June 2, and I have been contacting folks around the state to ask for their support.  Many of these are people I worked with in the Young Democrats, on local committees, on the DPVA Central Committee, in support of progressive issues, as part of protect and promote the vote activities, and/or in support of Democratic local, state, and national candidates.  Others are people who will be delegates to the State Convention who I have met for the first time.

I am releasing today an initial supporters list consisting of good Democrats from every corner of the Commonwealth – from Bristol to Virginia Beach to Northern Virginia. The list includes elected officials, Democratic Committee members, and other activists.  It also includes leaders in the Virginia Black Caucus, the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia, the Asian-American Caucus, the LGBT Caucus, the Veterans and Military Families Caucus, the Young Democrats, and leaders in Labor and business.Read More »DNC Re-Election Supporters List

DNC Weekly Update – 4/27

College affordability, Florida Everglades, foreign policy, veterans, and the growing economy.    And President Obama’s speech on rebuilding America. 

DNC Weekly Update – 3/30

Security, jobs, energy, healthcare, budget, and a bunch of reasons why President Obama is so much better than Romney.  [download  id = 181]

DNC Communications Update (2/10/2012)

Education, housing, and contraception.  Which one of these is not like the other?  It’s extraordinary that in 21st century America, contraception has become a campaign issue.