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DNC Communications Update 3/8/2013

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Employment up, Violence Against Women Act adopted, new cabinet members, GOP-quester hurts the economy, and President Obama tries to build a #commonsensecaucus 

#Inauguration Update #3

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  • Sign up for the National Day of Service – here’s the link to sign up for the National Mall Service Fair and for info on other projects in the DC Area.
  • Buy stuff at the Official Inauguration on-line Store!
  • See about DC’s transportation guide
  • Justice Roberts to swear in president Obama (for the fourth time, so Obama’s record matches FDR’s).
  • Of course, January 21 is also Martin Luther King day, so some joint events are planned.
  • Inaugural Prayer Service at National Cathedral on January 22 at 10:30 am (invitation only, but televised)
  • DNC meeting at Marriot Wardman Park, full committee meeting at 1:30, January 22

OFA – 2012 Highlights

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A nice look back on the highlights of the year that led to the President’s re-election:

2012 Inauguration Update #1

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Here are some updates. I will be posting more as they become available.

DNC Communications Upate 12/7/2012

Barack breaks bread with Boyko Borisov of Bulgaria, nuke threat reduction, economic growth and deficit reduction, tribal nations, middle-class tax cut, and jobs.   Forward!  

“Io sono In”

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Happy Columbus Day!  And join the Italian-American Democratic Leadership Council and support the re-election of President Obama!  

#DNC2012 Voting Rights Institute

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Convention days were filed with caucus and other Democratic group meetings, including a meeting of the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute on Sept. 6, 2012.  We are happy to feature a guest column by Susan Dosier, a communications specialist who attended the meeting.

 The Democratic Party and A Host of Voter Groups Needs Volunteers To Help Fight Against Attacks On Voter Rights

Donna Brazile kicks off Voting Rights Panel (photo credit – Steve Bunn)

A line-up of political rock stars, including actress America Ferrera, Donna Brazile, Congressman Steny Hoyer,  Georgia Representative John Lewis, MSNBC talk show host Melissa Harris Perry, and others gathered to focus on what many at the Convention still find incredulous: the narrowing of criteria that allow Americans to vote.

At issue: 25 percent of Americans don’t have a government-issued ID. (Several new laws require as multiple forms of identification in order for someone to register to vote.)  For example, in Texas, you can register to vote with an National Rifle Association permit, but the state will not accept a photo ID from a community college.

Melissa Harris Perry moderated a panel with leaders who are working in each of their constituent groups (African Americans, organized labor, youth, Latinos, and more) to help the audience understand what’s happening, what’s being done, and how they can help.  Many of the restrictive voting laws passed target African-Americans, Hispanics, young voters, seniors, and people with disabilities.

“I’ve never seen anything like this!” Donna Brazile told the group. The same sentiment was heard from many in the room.

Many organizations and groups are actively responding, including the NAACP, organized labor, and Americans With Disabilities.Read More »#DNC2012 Voting Rights Institute