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Although I have gotten a little behind on this site, I have been providing information through other social media on a daily basis.  So although… Read More »Updates

DPVA Action

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Every year around this time, DemRulz sets forth ideas for Democratic Party of Virginia actions for the coming year.  See 2009, 2010, 2011.  This year a number of Democrats have also posted ideas at Blue Virginia.  Accomplishing the DPVA’s primary mission in 2012 – helping President Obama again carry Virginia, electing Tim Kaine to the US Senate, and electing Democratic members of Congress – poses challenges, but presents great opportunities.  Here are some thoughts:Read More »DPVA Action

DPVA 2012 Convention Delegate Selection Plan Commentary

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The Democratic Party of Virginia has posted its draft 2012 National Convention Delegate Selection Plan (“Plan”) for 30-day public comment (ending May 4, 2011) at the DPVA website, so please submit your comments.  As the drafter of the 2004 and 2008 Delegate Selection Plans, and someone who has been involved with the 2012 draft Plan, I offer an overview of the process and identification of important changes from our 2008 plan. Read More »DPVA 2012 Convention Delegate Selection Plan Commentary

DNC Change Commision – Oct 24 AM Session

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The DNC Change Commission held its second meeting in Washington DC today to hear public comments on the presidential nomination process timing, the role of unpledged automatic or super delegates (SDs), and recommendations for improving caucuses, and begin its discussion of options.   The meeting was chaired by Congressman Clyburn (D-SC).  Virginians Hon. Alexis Herman and Hon. Jennifer McClellan attended as members of the Commission.  Below are my notes from the morning session.Read More »DNC Change Commision – Oct 24 AM Session