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2012 Convention

DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meets

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The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee held its “shortest meeting on record” today.  In its meeting in San Juan last fall, the RBC finalized the rules and regulations, which were sent to State parties by Dec. 15.  Patrice Taylor reviewed the upcoming deadlines (see below).  The DNC will present a delegate selection plan webinar (to be scheduled).  Co-Chair James Roosevelt noted that a number of states must move back their primary/caucus dates to comply with the DNC/RNC March 6 deadline. The DNC and RNC leadership recently met, and the new RNC Chair affirmed his commitment to the calendar. Some states, particularly Florida, may raise compliance issues, as noted in a recent article.  The RBC takes the approach that if states document “provable positive steps” to bring state law into compliance, but fails, its delegation will be seated. This will continue to be a controversial issue. Note that Virginia Democrats were able to reach an agreement with the state GOP so that our primary date – March 6, 2012 – complies with both national party rules. Read More »DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meets

Thanks, Senator Webb

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Jim Webb is just the kind of thoughtful and reasoned voice we need in the Senate – but we look forward to his continued contributions to public life.  See below for Sen. Webb’s retirement statement, Chairman Moran’s statementand DPVA’s statement on Senator Webb’s record.Read More »Thanks, Senator Webb

DNC Communications Report – 2/4/2011

The 2012 Democratic National Convention, jobs, Egypt, START, and affordable health care, including a discussion of the recent Florida ruling.  [download  id = “90”]

2012 Democratic National Convention – It’s Charlotte (NC)!

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The good news is it will be easier for Virginians to get there.   Here is Chairman Kaine’s long awaited announcement, just sent to DNC members:

Dear Member —
We had a tough choice to make this year. In deciding which city should host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, we were presented with strong cases by four of America’s great communities. Today, I’m excited to announce that we have made our decision.

On the week of September 3rd, 2012, Charlotte, North Carolina will host the 46th Democratic National Convention.Read More »2012 Democratic National Convention – It’s Charlotte (NC)!

2012 Delegate Selection Calendar Update

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Josh Putnam at FrontloadingHQ  and Molly Ball at Politico have posts about the evolving calendar, which appears to be moving backwards (the desired direction).  Stay tuned.

DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – Conference Call – 8/12/2010

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The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee convened today to finalize the draft Call to the 2012 Democratic Convention and consider a proposed charter amendment.  The RBC will take a final vote on the Delegate Selection Rules and Call in St. Louis on August 19 at 12:30 pm and forward to the full DNC for consideration on August 20.

Co-Chair Roosevelt announced that the RNC adopted a delegate selection timing rule that tracks the proposed DNC schedule.

The proposed Charter Amendment would reflect one of the changes re super delegates (specifically, elimination of the unpledged add-on delegate positions).   The RBC endorsed it and it will be voted on by the DNC Executive Committee and then the DNC in St. Louis.Read More »DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – Conference Call – 8/12/2010

DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – July 10, 2010 – # 1 Frontloading

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The Committee reviewed the draft Call – Articles 1-5, to be completed (Articles 6-8) at August 18 meeting.

But first – clarified that unpledged delegates must declare their presidential preference, but “uncommitted” is a presidential preference.

Call Article 1 – Distribution of Delegate Votes– allocation among states, assignment of alternates, and discussion of “bonus delegates,” e.g., to reward states for moving back in the process.   Changes – increase number from 3000 to 3700 delegates, bonus delegates, eliminate add-on unpledged delegates, change alternate allocation to 1 alternate per 12 delegates: if a candidate meets a threshold in a state, but no alternates are available, DNC may award additional alternates.Read More »DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee – July 10, 2010 – # 1 Frontloading