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2012 Convention

Results of the 2012 VA State Democratic Convention

Over 2,000 Democrats assembled for the state convention on Saturday, June 2nd at George Mason University Center for the Arts.

The Steering Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia convened Friday evening for their regular quarterly meeting, followed by the Democratic Asian-Americans of Virginia Reception as well as a tribute to Senator Jim Webb. At the Webb dinner Arlington Democrat and early Brigade organizer Mary Detweiler recalled the history of the Brigade Movement. Senator Donald McEachin and former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne each reminisced about the Election in 2006. It was a great event and truly a great tribute to Senator Webb.Read More »Results of the 2012 VA State Democratic Convention

DPVA CD and State Convention News

Last Saturday (May 12), I attended the 1st and 10th Congressional District Conventions in Fairfax and Frederickburg.  This Saturday (May 19), the remaining Congressional Districts will hold their conventions and our Unity Team for the DNC, Mame Reiley, Doris Crouse-Mays, George Wallace and I, or folks helping us, will cover those conventions.  The CD conventions will elect 69 National Convention Delegates and 7 Alternates (2/3 of the total elected Delegates and 3/4 of the Alternates) and chose Presidential Electors, and some CDs will consider also resolutions.  (See CD Convention details below.)Read More »DPVA CD and State Convention News

DPVA State Convention Update

DPVA has sent out a State Convention update – the Convention is still on the grounds of George Mason University in Fairfax, but has been relocated to the Arts Center.    Note that CD conventions are coming up on May 12 and May 19, and elected Delegates/Alternates attend BOTH conventions.  See here for details.   Here is Chairman Moran’s update:

Read More »DPVA State Convention Update

2012 Democratic National Convention Opens Up

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The DNC announced that the final night of the Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte’s football stadium, which can hold  70,000 people.  The Convention also will be shortened to 3 days and the day before the convention starts will be a day to celebrate Virginia, and other southern states.  For more Convention information, sign up for updates from this site and the official DNC Convention SiteRead More »2012 Democratic National Convention Opens Up