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Something Good about Terry McAuliffe

We all know Republican governor candidate Ken Cuccinelli is a right wing, tea-partying extremist (and his Lt. Gov and AG candidate are even further out of the mainstream), but can’t people say something good about Democratic candidate governor candidate Terry McAuliffe?  You bechta!

  • Terry is the hardest working person in politics — or whatever field he enters.  He has extraordinary energy and enthusiasm and will represent Virginia with vigour, championing jobs and opportunity.
  • Like Governors Warner and Kaine, he is focused on making government work for Virginians, and will focus on efficiency and responsiveness, not narrow ideology.
  • Although Terry was a great DNC Chair, he knows how to work with Republicans and Independents to get things done.  That’s why a lot of folks who normallly support Republicans – including former elected GOP elected officials are supporting Terry this time.
  • He is a successful businessman who he has built new companies and created jobs.
  • Terry has been Virginian for more than 20 years and has travelled to every corner of the Commonwealth, listening to Virginians’ concerns.
  • He is dedicated to equality of opportunity for all Virginians – he doesn’t have time or patience for old prejudices and knows that the Commonwealth prospers when everyone has a fair chance to succeed.
  • He will protect Virginian’s rights, including choice and marriage.
  • He is committed to education – he has spoken with administrators, faculty, and students at all 23 Virginia community colleges to focus on workforce development, calls for reform of standards of learning, and suppoorts fair salaries for Virginia’s teachers.
  • Terry will work to implement affordable health care for all Virginians, including medicaid expansion.
  • He supported the bipartisan transportation plan and will direct adequate funding to the most important projects, encourage smart growth, and support rail.
  • He will work to preserve Virginia’s open spaces, honor the Commonwealth’s committement to the Chesapeake Bay, and develop alternate energy sources.
  • On an issue that is very important to me, Terry McAuliffe is committed to guaranteeing voting rights – he knows that we need to encourge participation in our democracy, not erect barriers that make it harder for people to vote.

Learn more about Terry at– then tell your friends why they should vote for Terry McAuliffe (and not just against Ken Cuccinelli) on November 5th.