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Working to Build an Accessible Democratic Party

I have long worked to ensure that our Democratic Party and its activities are accessible to all Democrats.  I have worked with folks like Ed Turner, the former 3rd district chair (and currently an advisor to Gov. Kaine’s campaign), to make sure that our rules require accessibility and reasonable accommodation, our party members understand how to reach out to people with disabilities, and that the disability community within our party has a strong voice.  Monica Wiley currently leads the DPVA’s very active DisAbility Issues Caucus.  In the 1990s, Ed Turner gave a very moving presentation to the State Central Committee about how to invite people with disabilities into our party and we are overdue for another such presentation.

I drafted Virginia’s National Convention delegate selection plans to include numerical goals for people with disabilities.  In a recent post, I noted that the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee does not seem to understand these issues.  One of my priorities upon reelection will be to work with the DNC RBC to educate them, and in turn, state parties, about the importance of outreach to people with disabilities

I am very proud to have the support of Ed Turner, Monica Wiley, Daniel Davis and other leaders of the disability community for my re-election to the DNC, and I will continue to fight for a party that is truly open to all.

“Frank has been a strong voice advocating for the inclusion of the disability constituency in the Virginia Democratic party for over a decade. I know he will continue this advocacy with the DNC.”  – Ed Turner